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     For those of you who are returning to our beautiful state we know why you came back. For those of you who have yet to experience what Maine has to offer, you owe it to yourself to visit. Maine has so much to offer and the experience will be immensely different depending on the season you choose to visit us during. From the rolling western mountains to our rushing rivers, and from our farmland to our northern woodlands, Maine is a little different around every corner. Here at Schanz’s Guide Service we can guide you to what you are looking for while discovering what our beautiful state has to offer.


    Don't let Lee and the Guides fool you. Kelly Schanz, "Mimi" is the brains, logistics, and most importantly the cook behind the scenes! You will never leave the table hungry, and plan on no matter how hard you hunt putting on a couple pounds if you are with us for a week!  Even in remote camps for moose and deer there should be no reason you aren't completely satisfied with the menu. You cant consider it a vacation if you don't eat well. At Schanz's Guide Service you will eat the best!


     Lee has built and acquired camps throughout his time in the guiding industry in some of the most beautiful hunting, fishing, and recreation areas in Central and Northern Maine. The locations range from the farm lands in central Maine to the northern Maine woods all of which are secluded and comfortable. For many doing our remote hunts for moose and deer their concern is the lodging in tents. We assure you these tents will be as comfortable or more so than most camps. The tents and camps are well designed and well-kept with the proper gear to ensure a pleasant and relaxing experience after a long day in the woods or on the water. Although your pursuit of whatever game you may be here for takes precedence, we suggest you also treat yourself to an enjoyable vacation and part of that is in your comfort found in Schanz’s Guide Service lodging.

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