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Moose Hunting

     An exciting and competitive hunt with an extremely high rate of success. The Maine moose hunt is an experience that would be difficult to match anywhere else in the world. Our guides are proficient in the tactics it takes to locate, stalk, and call these majestic thousand pound animals. Schanz’s Guide Service will lead you through some of the best trophy moose territory the state has to offer, and can give you one of your best chances at a trophy of a lifetime.


Bear Hunting

     Our hunting for these giant predators over bait will require the patience and discipline to take these wary animals. We also offer hound hunts for this elusive Maine big game. Our baits are located near our remote camps in Pleasant Ridge and will ensure a comfortable and beautiful experience in our northern Maine woods.

Ruffed Grouse Hunting

     Northern Maine has a wild ruffed grouse population that cannot be matched. A more relaxed sport than many of our big game hunts, ruffed grouse hunting is great for families and friends of all ages. This is a great way to experience the north Maine woods during the peak of the fall foliage. Bring plenty of shotgun shells for this hunt, because there will be lots of shooting and many memories made. 

Deer Hunting

     Arguably America’s most popular hunting experience is the pursuit of whitetail deer. Whether stalking, stand hunting, or tracking Maine’s trophy whitetails you will have an experience you will never forget. The trophy bucks we offer in Maine are not raised on farms but wild and elusive. Schanz’s Guide Service will guide you and help you learn the skills necessary to successfully hunt some of the world’s largest whitetail deer. All of our guides are excellent deer hunters themselves with years of experience and are sure to present you your best opportunity at a 200 plus pound buck.

Coyote Hunting

     Predator hunting is becoming an increasingly popular sport that appeals to many hunters looking for the challenge of killing this elusive big game. A unique aspect of coyote hunting in Maine is the ability to hunt these nocturnal animals when they are most active, at night from Dec 16th through Aug 31st. Schanz’s Guide service will ensure you have the means and resources to conduct your hunt safely and successfully. 

Turkey Hunting

     Our Maine turkey hunt is expanding every year due to the increase in the population of these game birds. Our camps in Cornville are located in the heart of beautiful farm land and prime turkey hunting. Schanz’s Guide service has a fantastic turkey success rate, and all of our guides are skilled in locating and calling in trophy Toms.