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Our Guide Family


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Lee Schanz Jr (Owner and Head Guide)

     Lee is a Master Maine Guide with over forty years of outdoor experience. Lee takes guiding very seriously and is well respected in the industry. He served on the board of directors for the Maine Professional Guides Association for years, as well as a Big Woods Bucks Pro-staffer. 


Steve Wood; Head Bear Guide

     Steve has 31 years of bear hunting experience and 18 years of bear guiding experience. Steve has personally shot or trapped 15 bears himself. 

Stephen Schanz; Guide

        Stephen has been working with Lee since he was a kid and long before he could acquired his guide license at 18 he had been in the camps and on the hunts. Stephen has 13 years of guiding experience.

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The Guide Family

      Schanz's Guide Service is very blessed with some of the best hunters, fishermen, sportsmen, and outdoorsmen as our Guides. All of our guides are extremely capable in the outdoors and knowledgeable about both the game they will be hunting and the areas they will be guiding in. Our guides will give even the most experienced hunter, fisherman and outdoorsman an added edge in the pursuit of their game. 

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